The Department of Microsurgery of the German Hospital offers 24-hour
services of the highly qualified specialists who provide operations in the
following areas:


  • Scar Correction
  • Restoration of Damaged Tendons, Reconstruction, Plastic
  • Restoration of Damaged Peripheral Nerves, Reconstruction, Plastic
  • Shoulder Strap Reconstruction, Diupiutreno Contracture (excision of Hand Aponeurosis)
  • Wrist Tunnel Syndrome (Midline Nerve Decompression)
  • Elbow Tunnel Syndrome (Elbow Nerve Decompression)
  • Cracking finger (Cut Ring Yogic)
  • post-burn or Blunt Contracture
  • Hygroma (Hygroma Extraction)
  • Different Hand Cluster tumors (Tumor Extraction)
  • Shoulder Strap Injury (Shoulder Strap Plastic) old injury of the Peripheral Nerves (reconstructive surgery)
  • Sciatica Nerve injury (nerve stitches, plastic, reconstruction)
  • Nerve damage (nerve stitches, plastic, reconstruction)
  • Treatment of unhealable wounds of different localization.
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